Since 1981
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 468
Bryant, AR  72089
Physical Address:
3756 Salem Road
Benton, AR  72019
CLI Enterprises
Arkansas, West Tennessee,
North Mississippi, North Louisiana,
East Oklahoma, South Missouri
Equipment Sales
Lease To Purchase
Service Department
Parts Warehouse
Route Operation
Attain 100% financing for equipment

Increase purchasing power

Conserve working capital

Balance equipment usage and cost

Enjoy flexible payment options

Gain tax advantages
Leasing is convenient
Unlike dealing with bank loans and
other alternative types of
financing, leasing is an easy and
convenient process.  Typically, all
we require is a one-page
application for any request up to
$50,000.  Any request above that
amount will require some financial
Leasing provides 100% financing
Most leases simply require first
and last payments paid in advance
and a small documentation fee.  No
security deposits or up-front
money is required.
$1.00 Option To
Offered At End Of Term